Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze

Application Exemption Workshop:

 April 3th, 9:00 – 10:00 am

Lake Villa Township Assessor’s Office

West Campus (formerly Gavin School)

 Representatives from the Lake County Chief County Assessment Office and the Lake Villa Township Assessor’s Office will be at the Lake Villa Township West Campus (formerly Gavin School) to assist residents in completing the Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Application form as well as service taxpayer needs on other homestead exemptions offered.  Residents will work one on one with a staff member to complete the necessary exemption forms.

The income qualification has increased from $55,000 to $65,000 for the 2018 application.  This should result in greater number of seniors qualifying for the exemption.

Qualifications for the Assessment Freeze Exemption are:

  • 65 years old or older during the tax year
  • Own the property as your principal residence for the last two Jan. 1st
  • 2017 total household income below $65,000

Be prepared to bring copies of income received such as:

  • 2017 Federal Income Tax Form
  • Social Security Statement

Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Applications were mailed on March 1.  Blank copies will be available for those who do not have an application or are applying for the first time.

Additionally, Disabled Veteran renewals and Disabled Person renewals have been mailed.  At this workshop we can assist in completing the exemption renewal forms.

If you require assistance with any exemption application and cannot attend this date, you can stop in to the Lake Villa Assessors office during normal business hours – no appointment necessary.


2017 Natural Disaster Income Tax Credit

The Illinois legislature has approved an income tax credit for qualified real property that was damaged as a result of the flood event in July 2017. No other events can be considered for this. This income tax credit can be obtained for up to $750, based upon information provided.

  • The property must be the principal residence of the owner. If the property is leased, the owner is not eligible for this credit.
  • Only losses related to qualified real property can be considered for this tax credit; specifically damage to the structure of the residence.
  • Properties that received or will receive a Natural Disaster Homestead Exemption for property taxes do not qualify for this credit.

There are several items a property owner will need to provide to a Township Assessor or the County Assessor as a part of the certification process.  These documents can be found using the link at the below:

  • A property owner will need to complete a proformaIRS Form 4684, as well a Natural Disaster Income Tax Credit Certificate
  • Property owners will need to provide their Township Assessor or the County Assessor with proof of loss in the form of receipts, estimates, invoices, insurance claims or other validation to claim the income tax credit

Please bring completed forms and proof of loss documentation to the Lake Villa Assessor’s Office or the Chief County Assessment Office. The information will then be evaluated to:

  • Determine whether the property owner has already received a benefit with a Natural Disaster Homestead Exemption
  • Determine the amount of the credit to be received

Property owners will include these completed documents with their State income tax filing.  Should you have any questions please contact my office.



Contact for Lake Villa Township Assessor’s Office

Lake Villa Township Assessor

Jeffrey A. Lee
Phone: 847-356-2383
Email: Assessor@lakevillaassessor.org

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

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