Lake Villa Township 2016 Assessments

Assessment Notices, also known as the “Blue Card”, will be mailed to the taxpayers of Lake Villa Township on July 21st 2016. It is very important to review the values and contact my office with any questions or concerns as soon as possible.

The 30 day appeal deadline to file a formal appeal to the Lake County Board of Review will be August 22nd 2016. After that deadline, my office cannot make changes to the valuation unless there is a factual error such as a data entry error.

Contact the Assessor’s Office

Homeowners are strongly encouraged to submit evidence and discuss the assessed value with my office first. Please feel free to contact my office with any questions you may have regarding your assessment. My staff and I are happy to discuss and review your assessment with you. We can evaluate the evidence and if warranted make a change to your assessment without necessitating further appeal. It is also advisable to contact my office as soon as possible; we expect to be very busy. Contact my office in person, via phone or email, contact information is below.

Property Tax Appeal Workshop

Please join me and County Board Member Tom Weber for a Property Tax Appeal Informational Workshop
When: Wednesday August 10 at 7:00 PM – Doors open at 6:30
Where: Lake Villa Township West Campus
37850 N. IL. Route 59, Lake Villa (former Gavin North School)

At this workshop we will discuss:

  • How to evaluate your assessment
  • How to find comparable sales
  • The types of evidence used to support an assessment appeal
  • How to file an on-line appeal

Please bring any questions you have regarding the assessment and taxation process to this informative event.

Help Centers

Tax assessment help centers are available. Residents will work one on one with a member of the Chief County Assessment Office staff or Township Assessor’s Office staff for personal assistance with evaluating their property tax assessment. The county provides valuable web applications to the public, which will be utilized during these sessions, at two convenient locations, the closest being at University Center on the CLC Campus. There several evening dates begining on August 3rd. Below is the link.


On-Line Appeal Filing

Taxpayers the ability to file an on-line appeal. The Lake County Board of Review has developed a program to allow taxpayers the ability to file an appeal and upload all supporting documents on-line. To fully access this program you will need your “key code” found on your assessment notice or by contacting my office. Further instruction are found by clicking the link below


Reasons for Appeal

After evaluating the market value on the assessment notice, there are three main grounds for an appeal:

1) Error in property description; such as having a basement when there is a crawl space

2) Uniformity; similar houses should have similar values.

3) Market Value; shown by a recent purchase price, a recent appraisal or comparable sales. This is the most common.

Again it is advisable to discuss your assessment with my office prior to filing a formal appeal the Lake County Board of Review


Contact for Lake Villa Township Assessor’s Office

Lake Villa Township Assessor

Jeffrey A. Lee
Phone: 847-356-2383
Email: Assessor@lakevillaassessor.org

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Lake County Web site – www.lakecountyil.gov